For the first time, we have a RubyConf in Colombia and I had the privilege to be a speaker. I think the event was amazing. Thanks a lot to all the organizers.

I talked about Queue Based Architectures and how they can help you develop and maintain your application in the modern days.

If there's something I wanted people to take away from my talk was that

Asynchronous messaging is fundamentally a pragmatic reaction to the problems of distributed systems. Sending a message does not require both systems to be up and ready at the same time.

-- Enterprise Integration Patterns

That quote gives a short summary of the biggest advantage of having a reliable queue handling the communication between services: Your users will feel that your application is working even if some parts of it are not.

Here's the video (in Spanish) and slides (English & Spanish). I'd really appreciate any feedback, so ping me on twitter.

English Slides

Spanish Slides