As you may know, we created TimeHub in under 48 hours for the Rally on Rails contest. I wanted to write this post because it's been 48 hours since the public votes were opened.

First of all, I would like to thank EVERYONE that has talked about Timehub. It's been really nice to see all the comments and feedback. It's been even better to see so many votes so fast! We honestly didn't expected this support and having over 3950 points in under 48 hours! THANK YOU!

it's important to note that votes are still open (until August 26th), and if you haven't vote for us, you should! Click here to get the instructions and a free heavenly holly ice-cream at the end (spanish version here).

The Judges

It's an honor to say that we won the judges votes. We got 88 points and got the first place. Really really, scary-close was team 53 (moove it) with 86 points and in third place, it was team 43 (ochoigualiguald) with 82 points!

We were the only ones with 5/5 in innovation which really made us happy!

I would like to thank the judges, sponsors and the Rally on Rails team to make this contest possible.

Now, let's look at the public votes.

How we started

We started tweeting A LOT when we found out the votes were opened. *Sorry for all the spam my dear followers. It won't last long. I promise. *We really needed the first impulse to make people notice us.

My spam

We tweeted friends, coworkers, students, professors, some ruby-heroes, some "public" tweets. Everything. We have a Skype conversation with what we tweeted and prepared other tweets too. We've been thinking them for a while (is not coincidence that our about page is actually a "showing our love" page (http: //

What we got

We really did not expect what came next. A lot of people started talking about Timehub. **I had never felt like a rockstar before, but today was my day! **We got a lot of nice feedback. Ryan Bates from Railscasts responded (it was AWESOME having him reply our tweet!). Chris Wanstrath (defunkt - Githubs CEO) retweeted this. Heck, we even got a O'Reilly writer to tweet about it! The coolest thing about that is that we really didn't ask them to do that (we asked Ryan, but the writer was just on his own will!) That was beautiful! Matthias Wiemann tweeted and got 33 RTs!

33 RTS!

We were on Hacker News main page for a while. In fact, that's were we got the most feedback and visits from (more on that later, with some graphs).

Of course, not everything was rainbows and butterflies. We also got some "bad" comments and feedback (which we honestly really appreciate), but that was expected. We admit, and have always admitted that the commit DLS needs to be MUCH better. We'll considering git notes and creating a gem to make it easier and keeping commits as clean as possible. But we had 48  hours so for now, that's the best we could do.


We were doing great (we still are btw) until some guys started cheating! I thought, "OMG we're doing SO GREAT that they have to cheat!" We created a report about it, and send it to the judges. We decided to remove our global ranking page while this was fixed. Judges fixed it right away and we were back in the game!

This really made us sad. We worked really hard on the app and were working (spamming) a lot to keep people talking about it.

Conclusion and Data

So, according to Google Analytics, we've got 7,420 visits **and 10,658 pageviews. **This is amazing for 2 days. Honestly, didn't expect it!

Country/Territory of visits

Probably what shocked me the most is that we're now getting more visits from the U.S than from Colombia. This is shocking because I expected my friends to visit the site, but I don't have more friends in the U.S than here! Here's the Top Five (out of 104 countries):

Top Five!

Honestly, 2000+ visits agains 800+? That's a HUGE difference! Here's the whole map

Traffic Sources

The traffic sources also amazed me. We've had more referred visits than direct traffic, but that was not really shocking (who's gonna write anyway?)

What really shocked me is that even though we tweeted A LOT, got a lot of RTs and a lot of people tweeted, it was half of the visits we got from Hacker News!

With 2,799 visits *(more than direct traffic visits! - 2,424) Hacker News was the #1 referrer and traffic source for us. Twitter ( + was the second referrer but with *851 visits (713 from and 130 from! That means that we got over 1900 visits from HN compared to twitter! We were only a few minutes in the main page! I can't imagine the traffic a site will get for being there a whole morning! Here's the top 10 (plus one) traffic sources:

Traffic Sources

I added the #11 to show that the traffic 2,799 visits are only from the .com domain. We're getting traffic for .org/.net, and others like that!

I will be posting more and more details and info about how it goes. If you havent, please vote for us!


Nicolás Hock Isaza